Have you ever wonder how does Facebook or Gmail get their site to push notifications to your computer? It’s a nice feature when you’re developing a web application that constantly pools data and needs to notify your user there is something new on the site. We will create this kind of push notification with this guide.


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Code Extension — Live Server

Before we begin

There is only one problem with the push notification, it does not work with IE. All other major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari are compatible and it should work as…

At some point, your application would need to store some session. This guide will help you with Session and your React SSR.

This guide will make use of the source code from my previous guide React SSR.


Before we begin

As mentioned we are going to use the previous guide as a starting point. You can clone from this repository.

Some housekeeping, special thanks to Anton for introducing npm-run-all. So first thing we are going to add this module to our dev dependency by executing the below command

npm install…

Unit tests should be an important piece of your entire application. I personally able to detect bugs ahead of time with the help of unit tests. This guide will give you a head start on unit test using JEST


Basic NodeJs Rest Service

You can get the initial source code from gitHub.

You can execute git clone https://github.com/danleegion/Jest-Mock.git to clone the repository and checkout the initial source code tag by executing git checkout tags/Init -b Init

The above checkout command will checkout the Init tag and create a new branch called as “Init”


React Server Side Rendering provides the ability to render your React pages from server such as ExpressJs. React SSR provide various benefits which includes SEO Friendly and faster initial page load. React has an amazing documentation on ReactDOMServer.


Some of the commands you see here are based on Terminal and I will try my best to include for Command Prompt (Windows)

Let’s begin from scratch

We are going to build this React App from scratch as this will allow us to have more customization on our React App which you will understand…

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